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Reading of the Names

A North Carolina Vietnam Veterans, Inc. proclaimation reads, "The North Carolina Vietnam Memorial, “The Last Fire Fight” was dedicated in May of 1987 by the Vietnam Memorial Committee. Since that time North Carolina Vietnam Veterans, Inc. along with guest organizations have held these ceremonies at 12:00 noon on the first Saturday of every month as well as special occasions. North Carolina Vietnam Veterans, Inc. is committed to hold these sacred ceremonies until there has been a full accounting of all of our fellow North Carolinians who are still unaccounted for as a direct result of the war in South East Asia."

American Legion Post 296 has been honored by being allowed to assist in the facilitation of this ceremony in the month of March each year.  We choose to honor our Vietnam veterans by affording them the opportunity to read the names of their brothers that are still unaccounted for.


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Photo:  OB Jammer

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"Until they all come home..."

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